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Fix the "Warning: you must plug magicjack into usb" or "ERROR: broken storage"


The following is a working procedure that I learnt from magicJack custom support to fix the Warning: you must plug magicjack into usb or ERROR: broken storage, either of these have the same solution. And I am very happy to share it for one of my friends and as well as any body else facing one of the above issues!

A warning: This solution (actually a bunch of suggested solutions) worked for me on my Windows XP operating system, and one of my magicJack drives was empty with no magicJack logo on it, usually it used to show two drives in my computer, both with the magicJack logo on the drives.

The following is a quick summary of the two hour discussion with magicJack custom support specialists.

Plug in your magicJack. Now right click on my computer and select "manage". In there click on "Disk Management". On the right side you should among other things see two drives. One is called "MagicJack" and the other is called either "Phone" or "Vista Only". First right click on the one called "MagicJack" and then select "Change Drive Letters and Paths". In there select "Change" and then use the scrolldown menu to select "X". Click ok, you will get a pop up asking you to confirm, press yes.

In my case I saw the Volumes ( I am using XP) I see C:, I:, DATA (D:), and magicJack (F:) and assigned drive letter
X: for magicJack

Now do the same thing with the drive called "phone" or "Vista Only". Name that one "Y".
NOTE: This is a drive with roughly 17-18mb space. Be careful while you choose the drive as you might accidentally change another drive! In my case it did not show up as
"phone" or "Vista Only" but as (I:) which had an 18mb space.

Now do the same thing with the drive called "phone" or "Vista Only". Name that one "Y".

Now exit device manager and then unplug your magicJack. Now restart your computer and when you are up and running again, plug in your magicJack.

If this did not work, go to the next step.


Is your magicJack connected and the blue light on, then continue to follow. Download the update from
if this does not fix it or if it gives ERROR: Broken Storage continue with the following.
Please go to "my computer" then look for 2 magicJack drives, right click on any of those drives and look for the format option and click it to format that drive.
Try formatting the Y: drive (following step 1 will assign the 18mb drive as Y:)
Please format Y:
as File System: FAT

Unplug your magicjack and plug it back to the usb port at the back after 20 seconds.

If you continue to get the error, Please go to “My computer” then go to drive “C” then “Documents and Settings” then your “user name when you first login in windows” then “Application Data”. Then please look for the folder named “mjusbsp” and delete it.

For my windows XP machine it was
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data
and the Application Data could be a hidden folder, but delete the folder named "mjusbsp".

If you have problems deleting this folder, restart the machine, close all other applications then delete this folder and only after restarting your machine, plug your magicjack back to the usb port of your computer.

If this too does not fix your magicJack get to the last step.

Step 3:
Format the Y: drive this time try it this way:

Shutdown any antivirus, close the firewalls and open the port 5070 for creating more bandwidth for magicJack by clicking the start button, open run, type firewall.cpl and click enter to open the windows firewall. Swith off the firewall and click exceptions, and add a port 5070 by clicking add a port. Give any name as in 'myMagicJack' and then choose the port number as 5070 and enable UDP. After clicking OK, restart and plug your magicJack to see if it works fine.

Else, Right Click My Computer and then click manage to go to computer management.
You should find a drive Phone or any other drive of the size roughly 18mb and right click to format it, choose Phone (see steps 1 and 2) and format it as FAT and name it as PHONE. Unplug by clicking safe removal on the bottom right (ALWAYS UNPLUG LIKE THIS) and plug it in after 60 seconds.

The trick: always use the backside USB either of the CPU or your laptop (usually they are USB 2.0 and the other ones lower versions).

Plug your magicJack and download the update again (I think this one is roughly 8.32 mb as on 15 Oct, 08) and run it. That's it your magicJack should be working now. If you go to My Computer you should be seeing two folders. I noted that my magicJack drives initially were as follows, one with the magicJack logo without the option to format which is probably the firmware and the other an actual memory stick that can be formatted. After updating, both the drives (atleast after restart) should have the magicJack logos in it and with some content in it.

What I noticed is that when I plugged in my magicJack next time in the front side of my notebook it continued to give me the error message. However when I unplug and update and connect it to the back side, the magicJack works!

Hope this helps. I can update this draft whenever I get time again or when I see some comments!

NOTE: I noticed that sometimes these two errors repeat themselves again, and I have to format that 18mb drive by going to My Computer\Manage and name it as PHONE and then click update (that 8.32mb) again to get it working! But it quite does not make sense to do it every time I want to use magicJack.

Going green is simple and easy, just try stopping being lazy!

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